Frequently Asked Questions


Why modular?
Can you build anywhere?
What do you build from?
What is inside each data center pod?
Why does it cost less to build this way?
Can these be used for temporary or transitional purposes?


How long does it take to install a single pod?
Do you use divers?
Can you install in any body of water?
What are the power requirements?
What else is on the seafloor?


How long does it take if I want to replace my servers?
Does it cost more to maintain subsea data centers?
Do subsea data centers require less maintenance?
How long can a data center pod stay down on the seafloor?
Can you maintain the systems remotely?
What if I want to change my servers before the scheduled period?


What about the marine life?
Are you better for the climate?
How bad are data centers for the environment?
Do you use water?


Fire potential inside?
How are you better than immersion cooling?
Have you performed testing?
Better security?
What makes you different from your subsea competitors?
Is there redundancy?
What depth can you go to?