We provide power, space, connectivity and maintenance for subsea data centers

Highest performance  

Lowest cost  

Built and deployed
in 12 weeks.

Crafted from durable, responsibly sourced materials, our modular DC units are standardized containers designed for 25+ years of service, delivering advanced, Eco-friendly compute solutions.

Integrated with existing

We integrate at any optimal point along the subsea telecoms cable. We connect to both power and fiber subsea. We can also co-locate with all types of offshore assets, including renewables.

Maintained periodically.

Periodic maintenance is scheduled for things like changing servers and standard upkeep. Should an unexpected problem arise, we are on-site and on-deck within 24h.

Charting the world's course to sustainable data

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Edge & PoPs

Edge sites can serve customers with the most latency-hungry workloads. We offer modular facilities that serve as secondary locations and/or modularized sites located close to the edge of an organization's main network.

PoPs can be strategically located in various geographical regions to optimize network performance, reduce latency, and improve the overall reliability of services.



Deploy your data center in our secure colocation environments. Mitigate your overhead costs by leasing space in a state-of-the art, fully-managed colocation facility.

We have a growing number of co-location facilities globally.



Clients can build their own custom data center with connectivity, power, and security already provisioned.

Our solution is flexible and agile. You can customize your data center to meet specific requirements without all of the costs.



Where multiple ISPs or companies are already using capacity on a cable, we can act as the physical exchange at any optimal point along the route of the cable – facilitating the exchange subsea. We can take multiple cables into the wet IXPs, too.

We build, deploy and maintain sustainable subsea
data centers.

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