About Project OTTO 

Subsea Cloud's Project OTTO is a rolling trial for potential and future clients. It allows participants to test, measure and analyze the benefits of using subsea data centers.


Subsea data centers provide unparalleled benefits to their users, but often clients prefer an initial trial period. Project OTTO allows participants to test the solution within their environments before deploying at scale, expediting the test phase and lowering the associated costs.

Participants are not required to commit to additional deployments following the trial phase.


Subsea Cloud's Project OTTO is a rolling trial unit. It will be deployed in South-West Norway. The first phase will take place in October 2024. Each participant going forward will have the opportunity to engage in a trial phase only once, unless significant client hardware modifications necessitate further testing. Each participant can select their test time over 30, 60 or 90 days. It is possible to extend your time in the test unit.

Subsea Cloud guarantees four outcomes that any company can test for: 

1. 100% reduction in power used to cool
2. 100% reduction in water consumption
3. 40% reduction in your carbon emissions
4. 30% reduction in opex costs

Engaging with Us
You can expect to engage with our team on checklist items like:
- Server spec's
- Overall architecture
- Logistics
- NoC and SoC details


We provide space, power, cooling and, in some instances, servers.

The unit contains 16 racks. Each rack can facilitate 150kW +. Participants can test most server-types in the test unit.

If a participant chooses to provide their own servers, they have various options, including tax-aligned logistics in order to supply the servers. Subsea Cloud will supply servers for those that do not wish to provide their own.

Types of servers we supply: 
GPUs: spec's vary.
CPUs: spec's vary.

There will be no server redundancy built into the test unit from our side.


After the trial period, participants will have the option to join one of our ongoing commercial projects or select another geographically desirable area for deployment in the future.

If for any reason a participant does not want to commit to future projects/developments, they will be unable to extend their time in the test unit environment.  


If you want to participate in Project OTTO, please fill in your details by clicking on the button below. You can also reach out to us at info@subseacloud.com if you have specific questions.

Project OTTO